Telephone and microphone headsets ТМГ-44
Produced according to specifications
УМЯИ.468624.142 ТУ
Designed for two-way communication using a radio station. Great for use in logistics centers.

It works stably at temperatures from minus 30 ° C to 40 ° C and at high relative humidity up to 95 % at a temperature of 25 ° C.
The flexible holder allows you to easily adjust the position of the microphone for high-quality sound transmission.

The earpiece in a leather ear pad fits well to the head and provides maximum audibility.

Headphones and microphone are located on the left.

The lightweight spring-loaded headband is well adjustable and fixed on the head.

The connector and the transmit button are installed on an individual request, which allows you to connect the headset to almost any radio station.

A modification of the TMG-44-2 headset with two headphones is available.
Operating frequency range, Hz 100 – 6000
Paraphonic sensitivity of the microphone, not less than, mV / Pa 5
The response of the phone at a frequency of 1000 Hz, not less than, Pa 7
Weight, no more 125