Certificate for Special Design Bureau “Oktava” JSC trademark 

License of the Federal Space Agency No. 1019K dated 1 December, 2008 (perpetual, in accordance with paragraph 3 Article 22 Chapter 3 No. 99-ФЗ "On licensing of certain types of activities") for space activities in the development and manufacture of electro-acoustic devices for manned space objects and ground-based space infrastructure (License, annex to license).

Reference to Abstract from the registry of existing licenses.

License No. 002812 ВВТ-ОП dated 22 May, 2013 (perpetual) of the Federal Service for Defence Contracts for the development, production, testing, installation, mounting, maintenance, repair, disposal and sale of weapons and military equipment.

License No. 12341-AT dated 16 April, 2013 (perpetual) of the Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Trade for the development, production, testing and repair of aircraft.

Certificate of Conformity No. 6300.313082 / RU dated 22 October, 2021, certifying that the quality management system in relation to the development and production, testing and repair of military hardware (ЕКПС 5805, 5830, 5831 codes) meets the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011, SRPP VT standards including GOST RV 0015-002-2012.