Telephone and microphone headsets ТМГ-22-3
Produced according to specifications
УМЯИ.468424.049 ТУ
Designed for electrical mounting and commissioning works. Used for operational communication and continuity checks of up to 5 km long dead lines and resistance to 1 kOhm.

Suitable for operation at temperatures from minus 30ºС to 40 ºС and high relative humidity to 95% at temperature of 25 ºС.

Тhe headset with two headphones on a hard headband.

 A "Krona" type battery is used in the headset. 

The headset is connected to the cable with two clips

The microphone on the flexible holder and the earpiece are located on the left.

With a flexible holder, the microphone is easily fixed at the level of the mouth for high-quality communication.
Paraphonic sensitivity of the microphone, not less than, mV / Pa 5
The response of the phone at a frequency of 1000 Hz, not less than, Pa 7
Масса, не более, г 270
Напряжение питания, В 9