Designed for two-way communication when working in protective gear
  • can be used together with a breathing mask or without mask and protective helmet,
  • miniature microphone has a built-in breathing mask (with preservation of its integrity and integrity) and connects to the transmission button with plug,
  • when working in the mask uses a built-in microphone, when working without a mask microphone on a flexible boom,
  • the volume of the padded headband is adjustable using the "Velcro"
  • transmission button with swivel clip is placed in the field of breast pocket or belt,
  • the output connector is determined by the type of radio station.
Operating frequency range, Hz телефона 200 - 5000
The module of the electrical impedance of the telephone at a frequency of 1000 Hz, Ohm 300 ± 60
Paraphonic sensitivity of the microphone, not less than, mV / Pa 5
The response of the phone at a frequency of 1000 Hz, not less than, Pa 7
Weight, no more 250 г