Produced according to specifications
УМЯИ.468624.116 ТУ

Designed for two-way communication in field radio communication sets when working in protective gear and gas mask.

It is suitable for operation at temperatures from minus 50 ° C to 55 ° C and at high relative humidity up to 100 % at a temperature not exceeding 35 ° C, at low atmospheric pressure up to 60 kPa (450 mm Hg).

  • available with connectors СНЦ127-10/14-РП128-1-В or ОНЦ-БС-1-10/14-Р12-1-В
  • there are modifications for the modulus of the input resistance of the receiving path
  • The MTT-2 S microphone handset is available without a connector and without an amplifier.
Operating frequency range, Hz 150 – 7000
The module of the input resistance of the receiving path at a frequency of 1000 Hz, Ohm 600 ± 120 (МТТ-2) или 300 ± 60 (МТТ-2 и МТТ-2С)
Noise level of the microphone amplifier, no more, dB минус 60 (только МТТ-2)
Output voltage of the transmission path, not less than, mV 520 ± 120 (МТТ-2)
The power supply voltage of the transmission path amplifier, V 12,0 ± 1,2 (МТТ-2)
Syllabic speech intelligibility in acoustic noise level of 100 dB, class высший
Consumption current, no more, mA 20 (МТТ-2)
Weight, no more 300 г (МТТ-2), 400 г (МТТ-2С)
Cord Length, m 1,3 (МТТ-2) 0,9 - 1,9 (МТТ-2С)
Overall dimensions, mm 195,6 × 44,0