Aviation headsets with medium noise protection ГСШ-А-24Э
Produced according to specifications
УМЯИ.468624.004 ТУ

Designed for operation with aircraft avionics and new internal communications and data exchange equipment (including P-515 type) in helicopters and transport aviation. 

Suitable for operation at temperatures from minus 50 ºС to 55 ºС and high relative humidity to 98 % at temperature of 35 ºС

  • provides operation with an oxygen or smoke mask of the KM-35 M type, equipped with a microphone device UMM-2
  • mounted into the protective helmet ZSH-7VS
Operating frequency range, Hz 150 – 5000
Output voltage of the transmission path, not less than, mV 210±60
Supply voltage of the transmission path with the headset turned off, V 10
Supply voltage of the transmission path with a headset connected, V 6,0±0,6
Syllabic intelligibility in conditions of transmission and reception in a linear path when exposed to noise with a total level of up to 115 dB, not worse, class II
Weight, no more 400