Earphone helmets ТШ 4-1
Produced according to specifications
УМЯИ.468624.226 ТУ
Designed for two-way communication as part of ship communication complex in the condition of acoustic noise of up to 115 dB, as well as for protection against shocks and climatic factors. 

Suitable for operation at temperatures from  minus 40 ºС to 55 ºС and high relative humidity to 100 % at temperature of 35 ºС.

·         available types: 

summer - КЛ, КЛ-1, КЛВ, КЛВ-1, КЛЛ, КЛЛ-1, КЛЛВ, КЛЛВ-1
winter - КЗ, КЗ-1, КЗВ, КЗВ-1, КЗЛ, КЗЛ-1, КЗЛВ, КЗЛВ-1

·         built-in microphone headset ГСШ-М-37 is used in earphone helmets type КЛ, КЛ-1,КЛВ, КЛВ-1, КЗ, КЗ-1, КЗВ, КЗВ-1

·         Built-in laryngophone headset ГСШ-М-37Л is used in earphone helmets type КЛЛ, КЛЛ-1, КЛЛВ, КЛЛВ-1,КЗЛ, КЗЛ-1, КЗЛВ, КЗЛВ-1 

  ·         available in three standard sizes

·         headset top colour is black

·         plug 2РМТ18КПЭ7Ш1В1В or with earpiece ШРВ22П5

Operating frequency range, Hz 300 – 3400
The module of the input resistance of the receiving path at a frequency of 1000 Hz, Ohm 600 ± 120
The output voltage of the transmission path at a load of 600 Ohms, not less than, mV 1,25 (ГСШ-М-37), 1,00 (ГСШ-М-37Л )
Noise reduction coefficient at reception in the frequency range from 100 to 400 Hz, not less than, dB 12
Verbal intelligibility in acoustic noise with a level of 115 dB, not lower,% 94
Weight, no more ТШ 4-1 типа КЛ, КЛЛ - 1080, ТШ 4-1 типа КЗ, КЗЛ - 1160
Cord Length, m 5 м или 15 м