Produced according to specifications

Designed to work with radio communication sets.

Suitable for operation at temperatures from minus 40 ºС to 50 ºС and high relative humidity to 98% at temperature of 35 ºС

  • it is mounted in a bulletproof helmet of any design and any standard size
  • left-hand and right-hand versions,
  • an intermediate quick disconnect connectoris installed, 
  • the transfer button, the type of connector is installed on request for installation, 
  • the buyer sends the helmet to the address of the enterprise
Operating frequency range, Hz 200 – 5000
Sound pressure level of the telephone at a frequency of 1000 Hz, not less than, dB 110
The module of the electrical impedance of the telephone at a frequency of 1000 Hz, Ohm 20±4
Paraphonic sensitivity of the microphone, not less than, mV / Pa 5
Axial selectivity of the microphone to the spherical field at a frequency of 150 Hz, not less than, dB 12
Weight, no more 150